3Easy & Co.

Data • Design • Development

Data •

Store contact form data in a database. Sync data with a marketing platform. Automate data between social media and services. Data pipelines for analytics, advertising, automation, customers, and payments platforms. They call it “big data” now. Data is the key to your success, and SQL is our favourite language.

Design •

How it looks, and how it works. The best tools are those you understand already; pen and paper. Your knowledge and ideas, plus our sketches become functional user interface designs. Your designs become systems, that get work done even more efficiently. And make you even more good looking.

Development •

Front end development uses standards compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Frameworks are okay, but bespoke code is better; harder, faster, and stronger. Our content management systems of choice are ExpressionEngine and Craft, but APIs and custom code are alive and kicking in our factory.